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Ha! Finally I published the pages I had created on the Kaprekar routine/series/numbers; also made the code/software for Kaprekar series generation available for public download. Check it out at Kaprekar Series Generator.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Kaprekar Site: XHTML Compliance.

Slowly moving towards making the Kaprekar site xhtml valid.

The biggest culprit was the <p> tag. Out of years of habit, I hadn't closed any of them. Removing this problem reduced the number of validation errors to the minimum. Another one was the use of the < sign in the proofs without escaping it to &lt;

Right now there are only a few issues to be solved -
1. XHTML does not have a "target" attribute. I have used the target attribute in the navbar - this invalidates all my pages. Need to find if there is a non-javascript alrenative for this one. If not, will have to just delete that attribute.

2. The second problem - only on one page (release: changes) - is the use of the font tag. This one was somehow missed when I changed my site to use css. This will be an easy fix.

3. The last problem is the missing alt attribute in the img tag - again only in one page (playing with numbers), so should be easy to fix.


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