Kaprekar Series

Ha! Finally I published the pages I had created on the Kaprekar routine/series/numbers; also made the code/software for Kaprekar series generation available for public download. Check it out at Kaprekar Series Generator.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Kaprekar 2.1b Released.

Released Version 2.1b of Kaprekar yesterday night. The main changes include removing dependency on the Ganita package (Huge and Number classes).

So now the Demonstrate process usese BigInteger - and consequently can handle numbers with any number of digits!

Also changed the algorithm a little bit to improve the performance while seaching for Kaprekar Series.


Blogger Pari said...

It was very interesting to find your page, I am not good in maths but I did know Mr. Kaprekar. He used to coach me for school. A very nice person, and very humble one would never know what a great brain he was. Infact I am going to write a poem on him, when I do Ill post it here as a comment.

7:12 AM  

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